Bright Co., Ltd.

Our company “Bright Co.,Ltd.” was founded with policies such as “ten lessons in business” and “benefit for all three sides; the customer, society, and the vendor” which OMI traders have taken over for a long time.

Since our company is a general corporation, naturally we take social responsibility which essentially companies accomplish without seeking only self interest or persistence of our own business.
We all do our best with sincerity for people who work with us to build up common values and lead to a company which can solve problems.

Bright Co.,Ltd.
C.E.O Koichiro Ozaki





Japan brand promotion business

Japan brand promotion business

We are exporting Japanese brands such as sake
and supporting overseas expansion.

[Joint Venture/Shenzhen Sure Sake Industrial Co. LTD]
As information base for Japanese culture, we are developing the “Sake Museum” in various parts of China.
Together with Shinroku / PINOR (operated by the Chinese Sommelier Academy) and SURE FOOD CULTURE(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD., we are exporting and selling excellent products made in Japan, such as sake, to China and overseas.
We are committed to cultural exchange such as holding exhibitions and promotional activities with foreign countries.

Japan brand promotion business

Management Strategy

We deliberate various problems about business management and solve them quickly and strategically.

Japan brand promotion business

Medical-related Business

We will build a structure for multi-occupational collaboration related to home health care.

Japan brand promotion business

Real Estate Business

We propose effective ways to exploit real estate and strategic usage.

Japan brand promotion business

E-commerce BusinesSMART ® -shop

We provide home appliances through the internet and our clients.

Japan brand promotion business

Social Contribution Project

Regional economic promotion etc. regardless of domestic and overseas
We are working on social contribution projects.


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